20 Year Talking Points

2013 was a challenging year and even in this crucial time we are still in the battle! We are looking forward to doors of opportunity continuing to open for LICCV to serve the citizens of Long Island.  The list that follows gives a brief overview of how we are being used to make a difference.

Law Enforcement:
  In 2013 I was appointed to the community task force by Sheriff Vincent De Marco, Suffolk County sheriffs. In addition to this task force I also serve on our youth reentry task force at Yapank Correction facility. I am encouraged by the growth of working relationships with law enforcers on Long Island.  Officials from the Suffolk and Nassau County District Attorneys offices have committed themselves to assisting LICCV in every effort. LICCV is also working with enforcement officials in several townships to ensure the enforcement of local ordinances. We have a working relationship with the Racket Squads of both counties. The second precinct of Huntington is working with me on a pilot program to enforce Display Code 245.30.  We are beginning to work with Statistic and Development departments of both counties on tracking the use of pornography in sexually oriented crimes.

 Media Relations:
LICCV continues to receive opportunities to educate the general public through interviews.  We have provided comments for The New York and Newsday have recently interviewed us for feature articles. I have been involved in several press conferences around the community in reference to shutting down SOB’s. Recently we were interviewed for a podcast at Pure Life Ministries in Kentuck.  Visit us @ liccv.org home page to hear it in its entirety.

Volunteers:  A growing team of volunteers continues to multiply our effectiveness.  Our volunteers have come mainly through my speaking engagements in churches and organizations.  We are building team of key volunteers from every community on the Island. Our volunteer needs have changed as our office grows. We are currently revising the force. Just recently we have been referred to students for internships working in the fields of Political Science and Graphic Design.

Local Community Involvement: LICCV is currently involved in Huntington, East Northport, Patchogue, Islip, Centereach, Smithtown, Hempstead, Wheatley Heights, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and New York City. We are also assisting new coalitions in Poughkeepsie NY, and Delevan County, NY.  As LICCV becomes better known, we are receiving more calls from citizens concerned about their neighborhoods.  Our reputation as the “expert” on Long Island is growing.

Educating and Involving the Churches /Synagogues:I am speaking in as many as 2 -3 churches, youth groups, and/or organizations per week. When I am not available, my wife Dianne is able to represent LICCV quite effectively. These opportunities are crucial to LICCV in many ways... they provide a chance to educate, mobilize volunteers and build support.  LICCV has been very warmly received in the churches on Long Island and I believe it is one of our greatest strengths. I recently participated in a Youth Symposium with the Catholic Diocese and am being considered to share in their schools. I am continuing to develop relationships with several Jewish leaders in the community. We continue to reach out to the local business and civic organizations that are finally beginning to embrace us.

Legislation.: We work diligently to engage State, County Legislators public servants on strengthening zoning ordinances in several LI townships where inadequate laws exist. LICCV, with the help of town attorneys, are working to institute a county wide ordinance and stop SOB’s from closing up in one town and opening in another. LICCV is pioneering a state-wide bill presented by Assemblyman Felix Ortiz (D-Bronx). We assisted in legislating a Voyeurism law in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. With our assistance the Town of Huntington has developed an across the board Town Code for displaying pornography in any retail establishment. We are currently working with the county Sheriff’s Department to remove porn from the jails and prisons. We have also been initiating an effort to enforce recent legislation outlawing the sale of porn on our military bases.

Internet/Wireless Pornography: Internet Pornography & Wireless Technology; the most innovative and revolutionary technology of our day has created an unprecedented problem for children, teens and families. Sexting, Cyberbullying, Social Networking, Face book, Twitter, You Tube have created a vacuum of fear and intimidation to parents & leaders.  Our Education and Awareness programs empower parents and leaders with the tools necessary to protect their loved ones and those they are responsible for.

LICCV SAFE SHIELD – COVENANT EYES Is our new, State of the Art, Internet Protection Software. It Filters, Monitors, Blocks, Limits Time and Alerts. It is easy to use, easy to install. It enables you to remotely access your PC and files anywhere.  It is designed for families, businesses, organizations and schools. Go to our website, click on the logo on the left and sign up for a free month trial..

 Victim Assistance:  We have built a broad base referral system of local counselors who are specifically trained in treating sexual abuse. Countless  Victims approach me after every meeting to share how pornography has devastated them or a loved one. We have assisted over 200 individuals & families through these programs. We are beginning to rework our Mentoring Program to include groups so that we may assist more individuals at one time. A projected start time for these groups are Fall 2014

Educating Youth: We are pleased to report that in the past 207 years we have shared this message of integrity and purity to over 30,000 youth across Long Island in over 20 local schools. Crossing denominational lines, color boundaries and in secular and faith-based venues. More speaking engagements are coming up.  We must educate the youngest and most vulnerable about the devastating impact of pornography before they are hurt. We have begun to work on a new “Sexual Wholeness” initiative we call  “Youth @ Risk and Child Safety Program.” it is being very well received! We are in junior & senior high schools as well as colleges, secular and private alike. Our child safety program; has been enthusiastically embraced in elementary schools. This program consists puppetry and drama executed by Mike & Jeremy Livi

iPure4U: a faith-based outreach to youth ages 19-25. “Walking In Purity & Integrity In a Sexualized World.”  Let no one despise your youth, but be an example to the believers in word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith, in purity. It is our desire to hold monthly meetings in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy the fellowship of other like minded youth.


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