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Addicted to Love
By Stephen Arterburn (Vine).  This book provides a helpful and insightful overview of addiction to romance, relationships and sex; gives practical steps toward recovery.

Lonely all the Time
By Ralph Earle and Gregory Crow (Pocket Books). Sexual addiction…what is it?  Are you an addict?  Who can help? These questions and others are addressed and given realistic solutions.

False Intimacy; Understanding the Struggle of Sexual Addiction
By Harry Schaumburg (NavPress).  Every person needs and longs for true intimacy.  But because of past hurts, many people seek to control and fill their relational void through sex and pornography.  They use it to provide the relief, acceptance and fulfillment for which they long. This book offers and insightful, probing and biblical basis for hope and change.

The Sexual Man
By Archibald Hart (Word).  The author uses solid research to discuss the average man’s sexual worries and struggles with tasteful candor, responsible balance and respect for biblical wisdom.

Out of the Shadows
By Patrick Carnes (CompCare).  One of the best books on sexual addiction.  Carnes has led the way in the study of this topic.

The Secret Sin: Healing the Wounds of Sexual Addiction
By Mark R. Laaser (Zondervan).  This book helps trace the roots of sexual addiction, shows how sexual addiction poisons the lives of pastors and lay people alike and provides a complete 12 step program for treatment and recovery.

Don’t Call It Love
By Patrick Carnes (Bantam Books).  Every day, sex addicts risk their families, finances, jobs, dignity and health. They are ministers, physicians, therapists, politicians, business executives and blue collar workers.  This book is based on candid testimony from more than 1,000 recovering sex addicts and their advice on how to overcome this addiction. This is a wonderful tool for all addicts, family and therapists who are struggling with this difficult problem.

Face in the Mirror
By Andres/Balsiger (Logos).  This book offers forgiveness, acceptance and unconditional love while still remaining honest and biblical in its view of human sexuality.  This book is for those who have experienced intimacy abuse in their lives as well as for those married to a spouse who was abused during childhood.

Desires in Conflict
By Joe Dallas (Harvest House).  This book offers hope for those who struggle with homosexuality and help for the people who love them.

The First Step
By Mic Hunter (Comp Care).  This book is for people who are in relationships with sex addicts.  It is based on the 12-step program but focuses on the first step that spouses of addicts should take.

How Will I Tell My Mother
By Jerry Arterburn (Oliver-Nelson).  Jerry Arterburn’s early exposure to homosexuality occurred at age five when an older boy at church camp molested him.  He tells his story of alienation, rejection, acceptance and love.

What’s On Your Mind?
By Merilin R. Carothers (Carothers).  This book provides you with one of the reasons men are tempted to sexual sin.  He wants you to visualize your thought life on a big screen for everyone to see. He asks the question, would you be ashamed for everyone you know to see your thoughts?  He gives the ultimate solution!

An Affair of the Mind
By Laurie Hall (Tyndale).  One woman’s courageous battle to salvage her family from the devastation of pornography. She opens her heart and bares her soul, imparting keen insights and comfort.

Released to Love
By Alfred H. Ells (Nelson).  This is an in-depth look at the personal struggles many of us secretly experience with sex. Ells offers sound, practical, and life changing advice. He shows that in order to establish healthy sexual intimacy and pleasure today, we must come to terms with the past.

When Good Men Are Tempted
By Bill Perkins (Zondervan).  This book helps you look temptation in the eye. Then in a realistic, practical way, Bill Perkins gives hope and encouragement by suggesting steps you can take to win the battle. A must read for all “good men”- and for men who want to be.

Intimate Issues - 21 Questions Christian Women Ask About Sex
By Linda Dillow & Lorraine Pintus ( Water Books) These authors with warmth and wisdom speak woman to woman: examining the teachings of Scripture, exposing the lies of the world, and offering real hope that every woman’s marriage relationship can become all it was intended to be in God’s design.

Sexual Idolotry
By Steve Gallagher This book is a source of healing and deliverance for those struggling with sexual addiction. It is in the form of a work book with life applications. The author is founder and president of “Pure Life Ministries” in Kentucky, the first and only Christ centered residential program for those struggling with sexual issues.

Through Deep Waters
By Kathy Gallagher, Kathy has put into book form the answers that hurting wives need. This book gives practical advice for everyday life in the form of letters written to women who find themselves in a host of difficult circumstances.


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Surviving Sexual Abuse 
Produced by the National Coalition for the Protection of Children & Families in 1996, this 12-page brochure is designed for survivors of sexual abuse and those who care about them. It includes sections on recognizing sexual abuse as well as abusers; preventing sexual abuse; getting professional help; and protecting children.                                                      $1.00 each

Sexual Addiction: Too Much of a Good Thing?
Produced by the National Coalition for the Protection of Children & Families in 1996, the 16-page brochure offers insights into the problem of sexual addition.  It discusses the dynamics of sexual addiction; the profile of a typical sexual addict; common sexual addiction scenarios; and how and where to get professional help.  In addition, it includes a series of questions to help readers determine if they or someone they know is a potential sexual addict.  $1.00 each

When Sex Becomes an Addiction
Focus on the Family; Stephen Arterburn; brochure; 1994; offers hope for those who are addicted to sex as well as for those who live with a sex addict.  The author also provides insights into parallel addictions to romance and relationships.                                            $1.00

One Man’s Struggle with Sex Addiction (Parts 1,2&3)
Gene McConnell; two audiocassettes; McConnell talks about his struggle with pornography.  $15.00

It’s Not Your Fault
One woman’s story of a husband who uses porn, the behaviors and signs to look for, the do’s and don’ts in approaching him, and how to get help.                                  $1.00


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