1. Become knowledgeable about the issues concerning pornography. A number of excellent video and audio tapes are available from the LICCV.
  2. Call and write those who are responsible for enforcing laws against crime, such as sheriffs, police chiefs, prosecutors and your state’s attorney general.
  3. Write and call those who hold elected positions in city or county government, such as your mayor and the members of your city and county councils. Express your views against pornography and ask them to seek vigorous enforcement of laws and ordinances against obscenity.
  4. Write your governor and state legislators and ask them to seek revision of state anti-obscenity laws so that they are as strong as allowed by the stated and federal constitutions.  Ask others to write as well.
  5. Write the President, Attorney General, your Congressman and U.S. Senators. Ask them to strengthen federal laws against pornography.
  6. Write representatives of the news media and “letters to the editor” about your views against pornography. Include the truth that obscenity is not protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution any more than libel or slander are forms of protected speech.
  7. Initiate a petition to public officials, stating your concern and disapproval of the public display and sale of pornography-films, video cassettes, books and magazines. Solicit support from friends, neighbors, church members, and school groups.
  8. Use this step-by step procedure and strategy in contacting neighborhood stores which display and sell pornographic materials:
  9. Courteously speak to the store manager about his display of pornographic magazines and materials that are offensive to you. 
    1. Ask him to put them out of sight, and
    2. seek a change is business policy to discontinue the sale of this material.
  10. After a short time, if he still continues to display and sell these products, speak to him again and ask if he has communicated to his headquarters your concerns and sought a change in corporate policy about discontinue to sell the material. Also leave him a copy of a courteous letter stating your concerns, requests and prior conversations with him on this issue. Tell him you will stop patronizing his store if he does not comply.
  11. If the merchant persists in openly promoting and selling these materials, contact the LICCV office and we will follow up with the Racquet Squad in your county.
  12. Contact the LICCV for the names and address of organizations that may be able to help.
  13. Join with others in all of your efforts, be persistent, changing months or years of business practices takes time. Keep a positive attitude and don’t become discouraged.


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