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Watch the recap of our “Digital Safety Seminar W/ BARK”


LICCV is comprised of experienced professionals who both know enough and care enough to dedicate themselves to serve the residents of Long Island.

We have developed extensive education and awareness programs, which reach across Long Island metropolitan area. In addition we have developed an extensive crisis intervention program that provides assistance to those devastated by the impact of harmful materials and other content on the internet in the digital age.

LICCV assists and supports government agencies drafting legislation and initiating laws that protect our families and communities and encourages the reinforcement of these laws. We mobilize and assist citizens to become pro active in their community in an effort to protect that community from sexually oriented businesses.

LICCV presents various seminars and workshops in cooperation with towns, villages, municipalities, community libraries and schools. These workshops are designed to help children, youth and parents develop strategies on how to stay safe and make wise choices while using the internet on digital devices. We share several digital solutions that are available and proven to be effective for accountability, communication and filtering inappropriate harmful content.


Growing up in the digital age provides unlimited opportunities for students to connect, learn and share information. While this has many benefits, families can feel overwhelmed as they navigate the new challenges associated with raising technologically savvy kids.


Wouldn’t you like to better manage the time your kids spend on their tablets and smartphones? Did you know children spend an average of 40 hours a week on digital devices? Smartphones are something of a miracle technology, capable of doing a lot more…


Social Media Addiction is not a formal clinical diagnosis, it is fair to say that many people spend far too much time on social media and may at the very least describe themselves as being “obsessed”, if not addicted. In recent years the mental health community…


In 2018, the World Health Organization plans to add “gaming disorder” – characterized by a pattern of persistent or recurrent gaming behavior – to its list of mental health conditions. The WHO’s impending beta draft for the next ICD classifies gaming disorder…


Digital Addict is used to refer to a person who compulsively uses digital technology, which would manifest as another form of addiction if that technology was not as easily accessible to them. Colloquially, it can be used to describe a person whose interaction with technology…


Porn is the abbreviation for pornography, which is sexual material that is explicitly portrayed for the primary purpose of sexual arousal. Sexually explicit material can be presented in a variety of ways, including magazines, photographs, films, writings, sculptures…


Executive Director Bobby Lloyd opposes NYS Senate Bill S3075 and Assembly Bill A849. Here’s why.

For nearly 30 years we have been working to protect Women, Children & Families from Sexual Violence and Exploitation. I oppose NYS Senate Bill S3075 and Assembly Bill A849. Here’s why: Two “quality of life bills” are marking their way…

LICCV Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

Nassau County Executive Laura Curran celebrating LICCV’s 25th Anniversary with Associate Director Dan Lloyd and Executive Director Bobby Lloyd.

Thank you Nassau County Executive Laura Curran for your continued support of LICCV. We look forward to the continued partnership so we may help make Long Island a safer place to live.



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