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Working to protect children and families in the Digital Age.


To help ensure a safe environment in the community both physically and digitally for our children and families in the digital age.


We accomplish this mission through various programs; Digital Safety Prevention Education, Community Protection, Youth@Risk and Crisis Intervention.

(LICCV) Long Island Citizens for Community Values 501(c)(3) classified has been committed to protecting Long Island’s Children and Families in the Digital Age for nearly 25 years, while empowering them with tools for a healthier media life.

Founded in 1993 by President & Executive Director Robert Lloyd, the organization offers solution-based tools for families to recognize digital dependency, cyberbullying, sexting and threats for suicidal coercion. In addition, we teach families new skills to keep children safe from online predators, violence and pornographic images.

Today, LICCV is Long Island’s sole organization providing this specific set of solutions to Children & Families with 5 staff, 20 volunteers and 4+ programs.

In 1996, LICCV was instrumental in passing the law sponsored by Sen. Owen Johnson making possessing child pornography a felony in NY State. Up until then it was against the law to produce it or sell it but you could possess all you wanted.

In 1998, LICCV was instrumental in assisting a New York City Council lead by then Mayor Giuliani in cleaning up Times Square. Through this effort 129 sexually oriented businesses were removed.

LICCV presents a “Youth@Risk Program” to over 2,000 students a year in Public and Christian schools alike, equipping today’s youth with the tools they need to make the right choices for themselves and avoid out-of-wedlock pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and abortion.

LICCV introduced a sexually oriented material assessment pilot program which is being implemented by the Huntington police force. Uniform patrolman survey retail outlets that frequently carry these materials, assess the material, and oversee the removal of any materials which are in violation of the Harmful to Minors Act.

LICCV along with various Town Attorneys have been solely responsible for the removal and or blocking the opening of numerous sexually oriented businesses in both Nassau & Suffolk Counties.

LICCV in March of 2003 along with other national religious leaders influenced AT&T to get out of the porn business. Mr. Lloyd was personally able to address the CEO himself.

LICCV in June, 2003 participated in passing the Video Voyeurism law which banned any and all video surveillance in dressing rooms in retail outlets, bedroom, apartments etc. Until that point there was not law on the books against that.

LICCV in 2004 met with Attorney General J. Ashcroft at the Justice Department and received a commitment that his administration would enforce all federal obscenity laws and prosecute all those that violate them.

LICCV in 2007 met with Attorney General R. Gonzalez who also gave his commitment to prosecute and enforce obscenity. In addition LICCV received the highest award presented to any organization or person from the New York State Assembly; The New York State Assembly Excelsior Award

In 2008 LICCV was devoted to strengthening their infrastructure, board development, developing new programming, focusing the vision, moving to a new location and adding to the staff.

In 2009/10 LICCV launched a new, more aggressive fight against the ravages of pornography and the sexual culture on Long Island. We accomplish this mission through a variety of programs; Community Protection, Education & Awareness, Internet Safety, Youth @ Risk, Child Safety and Crisis Intervention

In 2010 LICCV along with the Quality of Life Task Force of the Town of Babylon and Town Supervisor Steve Bellone & Town Counsel of Huntington closed down two adult bookstores on Sunrise Hwy and two adult shops on Route 110.

In 2011 – 2014 LICCV along with the Quality of Life Task Force of the Town of Babylon and Town Supervisor Steve Bellone closed 15 prostitution rings cloaked as massage parlors or smoke shops and 3 more SOBs (sexually oriented businesses) in Babylon, housed there for nearly 40 years!

In 2014 we joined the Nassau County District Attorneys Office hosted by Hofstra University. Our workshop “How To Say No To Sex In A Sexxxy World” was widely received.

LICCV in the past 20 years has assisted hundreds of women, children, men and families through the devastating effects of pornography and sexual violence. They have seen them restored and return to living a healthy life.

We are working diligently everyday to protect all of our children and grandchildren from the sexualized culture and we will continue through every avenue opened to us, politics, schools, churches, prisons and the law.

Bobby Lloyd
Executive Director

A native of Rockville Centre, Long Island, Bobby Lloyd has experienced first-hand what it is like to be in bondage to pornography and drugs. And as Executive Director of Long Island Citizens for Community Values, he helps others not only understand the damage pornography can do but also break its stranglehold on their lives.

While Mr. Lloyd currently works closely with law enforcement officials and politicians, he was once on the other side of the law. His role as one of the primary suppliers of heroin to Long Island and parts of New York city in the 70s and 80s landed him in prison several times and in 1976, he received a life sentence under Gov. Rockefeller’s drug law. It was during his stint in prison that Lloyd rekindled a friendship with current wife and partner Dianne, who shared with him her own experiences of breaking the stronghold of drugs. Lloyd’s behavior in prison earned him lifetime parole but after being released he quickly re-established his drug business, which continued for several more years. Finally, in 1984, he entered Brooklyn Teen Challenge, which helped him put his drug habit behind him and move into a new phase of life.Lloyd helped pioneer Long Island’s first Teen Challenge program on Long Island and has since reached thousands of young people with a motivation message about how one man can turn his life around. As a result of his work, Lloyd received a pardon from his lifetime parole.

Since 1994, Mr. Lloyd has served as Executive Director of LICCV, works to protect women, children etc. free from the negative influences of pornography and the sexualized messages of the culture.

Associate Director

Director of Operations

A hairdresser by trade and developing an expertise in this field for nearly 50 years. I was blessed to have owned my own Salon, Shekinah Hair Salon in Oceanside. I attended Bible School and Nassau Community College in the early 80s and a hold a certification from Hofstra Business School. I am accredited to teach and counsel those that have life controlling problems such as; drugs, alcohol, and sexuality. I have served in several churches in almost every ministry from Choir to Children’s Church, Greeting and Women’s ministry. I am also ordained through Elim Fellowship and for the past 30 years I have operated as a NYS Certified Chaplain to the terminally ill.

For over 25 years I have assisted my husband with LICCV, a para church organization, protecting men, women children and families from the harmful effects of the  the sexualized culture  in the digital age.

We deal with many relational issues such as marriage, courtship, abstinence, and addiction. In addition we  assist Town Attorney’s to rewrite existing laws to prevent sexually oriented businesses from coming into our neighborhoods and help to rid our communities of already existing ones. Recently we have launched our new presentation, developed by our son Daniel, “ Are You Digitally Dependent or Socially Connected?” We reach out to towns, municipalities, church and youth organizations to equip individuals with the tools necessary to protect families in this new virtual, digital culture.

National Association of Professional Women 2011,  Who’s Who in America 2007, 2008, 2021  Association of Fundraising Professionals 2003, Women of Substance2002, Woman of the Year Award 2001


(Advisory Board) Counselor, LCSW

Dawn Matthews is a licensed Social Worker who works at the Sayville Middle School in Suffolk County, New York as a School Social Worker for 18 years. She has a Masters in Social Work, Certification in Drug and Alcohol, Guidance Counselor Certification, School Social Work Certification and Certified in Crisis Prevention Intervention. Mrs. Lloyd-Matthews is a current member of the National Association of Social Workers, NYS School Social Workers, American Associations of Christians Social Workers and Western Suffolk Counselors’ Association. She has specialized training in addiction behaviors, community mental health, crisis intervention for families and adolescents.

Executive Office Administrator

Clerical Assistant

(Advisory Board) Data Base & Computer Technology 

Intern, Touro Law School

Clerical Assistant

Head of Maintenance

Clerical Assistant

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