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Did you know that 65% of children age 8-12 are aware and okay with their parents monitoring their smartphone? It’s all about communicating early!

Talking to your child about digital safety can seem like a daunting task – especially if they have more tech know-how than you! But with our straightforward, straight-talking guide, you’ll be equipped to tackle the conversation with confidence.

Growing up in the digital age provides unlimited opportunities for students to connect, learn and share information. While this has many benefits, families can feel overwhelmed as they navigate the new challenges associated with raising technologically savvy kids.

Today’s fast-paced world provides kids with an increasing number of digital tools at their fingertips – both in school and at home. As a parent, it’s important to make digital safety a priority in your home and ensure that your children know how to act safely, responsibly, and thoughtfully digital.

Knowing how to act responsibly online is a core component of being a good digital citizen. This section tackles the fundamentals of appropriate digital behavior, including cyberbullying and creating suitable content for online use.

Next time your child is online, show an interest in their favorite apps and sites. Take a look through them together. Chat about any potential problems you spot, such as cyberbullying, sharing private info like passwords and phone numbers, or people pretending to be someone else. Ask your child how they’d react in each instance. Show faith in their judgment, but offer advice and guidance where necessary, such as how to report unpleasant behavior. Remind your child that you’re always there to help, if they’re ever unsure. This is also a good time to establish ground rules. Decide a daily time limit for online use – and set an example yourself! Also agree upon app and in-app purchases. Finally, because the internet is ultimately a fun place, end your chat on a positive note by playing an app together.


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