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What To Do If Your Kid Is Being Bullied Online

What to do if your kid is being bullied online

The act of bullying online is called CYBERBULLYING. Cyberbullying is the abuse of a person via the internet on various platforms. This act can be quite violating and can get to a lot of people, especially young children.

Now, if you’re a parent and your child is being cyberbullied, I’m sure you wouldn’t be so happy or comfortable with that. Here are some steps you can take if you’re that parent;

•    BUILD A GENUINE RELATIONSHIP: Parents should be the first people children should run to when things happen online and offline. Your child can talk to you about friends and situations around him/her is an added advantage, and this gives you an opportunity to stand up for the child if bullying ever occurs. This is the critical step to take but sadly the most ignored. The child needs to know they are safe and loved by you.

•    DON’T OVERACT: This child is already experiencing some sort of emotional pain from the cyberbullies. It would be hurtful to blame the child for being bullied or for being unable to stand for himself.

•    DON’T UNDERACT: Cyberbullying should NOT be ignored or taken lightly. Don’t tell your child to “shrug it off” or manage the situation. The emotional trauma of being bullied can be heartfelt and leave them to handle the situation can or may shut them up, thereby enhancing the effect of the bullying.

•    BLOCK THE BULLY: If your kid’s computer or phone gets mean or harsh messages, block the bully from being able to send any more abusive messages. You could delete messages even before reading them.

•    SAVE AND PRINT OUT MESSAGES: Make sure your kid knows to not reply to such messages. However,  If this act of bullying persists, save the message as evidence. This could serve as valid proof to show parent of bully or staff in the school of the ally if he/ she does not relent or stop entirely.

•    TALK TO SCHOOL’S GUIDANCE COUNSELORS: As a parent, it’s important you show your concern by reporting such cases of bullying to delegated authorities in the child’s school so they could keep an eye out for bullying during school hours.

•    REPORT TO CIVIL RIGHT OFFICES: If bullying is based on the race(skin color, nationality, tradition), sex or disability of your child, contact the office of civil rights. They take such cases very seriously if the child is limited in their ability to learn and thrive at school because of bullying.

•    IMPLEMENT MEASURES TO STOP IT FROM OCCURRING AGAIN: Once you have been able to manage the bullying successfully, you should set up privacy controls within the phones, tablets or computers of your child to prevent/stop bullies from reaching the child again.

•    CONTACT CONTENT PROVIDER: Cyberbullying contravenes the privacy policies and terms of service of all authorized content and service providers {applications, internet or website companies}. Whether or not the child can identify the bully, ensure you contact the relevant provider to take disciplinary actions towards the bullying situation.

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