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( Faith-Based Men’s Accountability Group)


Our mentorship program is for women/men who are experiencing the impact of indecent and obscene material accessed on digital devices. These are women/men who may be impacted themselves or their loved ones are impacted or acting out.

The purpose of the mentorship program is to provide material and support. We make available information on what is normal to expect in their own responses, support and information that will help alleviate isolation and shame around the issue, and encouragement to take initial steps to facilitate their own health and safety. This program was developed to meet the growing need we have experienced while working in this field. We receive many countless calls from women/men who are being or have been harmed in some way shape or form. We interview them to determine the need, some we refer, others enter the mentor program and eventually the monthly group.We have developed and extensive library of resources which are used as curriculum to meet the various needs. The women/men are required to read or listen to materials and hand in reports. In most cases we can meet or talk on the phone and distribute the materials by hand or mail. This enables us to work with several women/men at one time. The results have been excellent with the women/men being able to reach enough restoration in 6 months at which point we encourage them to develop accountability with a mentor or group in their immediate area.

Mentorship Program will consist of:

Personal mentoring

  • Receive information on what is normal to expect in themselves, spouses and family
  • Help to come out of isolation, shame or denial
  • Help to face reality
  • To talk to someone who has had a similar journey
  • To gain/re-gain and share HOPE
  • To grow and heal
  • Learn that healing is a process

Each individual will be responsible for cost of materials and a mentoring fee based on individual’s need .

Each individual will receive a series of books and cassette tapes geared to help facilitate education and healing.

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