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LICCV is pleased to report that in the past 25 years we have been able to reach over 250,000 students (ages 5-19) with a message of “hope”. Empowering the generation known as “Generation X” to the present “Millennials” and the future “Gen Y”, it is our vision to reach as many students as possible with the message of “Empathy and Integrity”. We help teens explore their core beliefs and values, and develop strategies in how to stay safe and make wise choices.

Our Youth@Risk program focuses on violence prevention through digital awareness. We provide Education and Awareness Initiatives that protect youth from the harmful effects of indecent, obscene and violent material influenced by social media on all digital devices. This program is presented in, elementary schools, junior and senior high schools, youth organization, libraries and town halls.

Our workshops empower youth and families with the necessary tools to recognize cyber-bullying, sexting and threats for suicidal coercion. In addition, we teach families new skills to keep youth safe on-line from predators, violence, pornographic images and others types of harmful information.

The goal is to help ensure a safe environment in the community both physically and digitally for our children and families. As well, create a culture of awareness of digital literacy and healthy digital use for all generations.

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