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Founder and President

A native of Rockville Centre, Long Island, Bobby Lloyd has experienced first-hand what it is like to be in bondage to pornography and drugs. And as Executive Director of Long Island Citizens for Community Values, he helps others not only understand the damage pornography can do but also break its stranglehold on their lives.

While Mr. Lloyd currently works closely with law enforcement officials and politicians, he was once on the other side of the law. His role as one of the primary suppliers of heroin to Long Island and parts of New York city in the 70s and 80s landed him in prison several times and in 1976, he received a life sentence under Gov. Rockefeller’s drug law. It was during his stint in prison that Lloyd rekindled a friendship with current wife and partner Dianne, who shared with him her own experiences of breaking the stronghold of drugs. Lloyd’s behavior in prison earned him lifetime parole but after being released he quickly re-established his drug business, which continued for several more years. Finally, in 1984, he entered Brooklyn Teen Challenge, which helped him put his drug habit behind him and move into a new phase of life.Lloyd helped pioneer Long Island’s first Teen Challenge program on Long Island and has since reached thousands of young people with a motivation message about how one man can turn his life around. As a result of his work, Lloyd received a pardon from his lifetime parole.

Since 1993, Mr. Lloyd has served as Executive Director of LICCV, works to protect women, children etc. free from the negative influences of pornography and the sexualized messages of the culture.

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